5 Tips for Taking Candid Photos

Below we explore five tips for taking candid photos.

  1. Equipment

For candid photos, the type of camera that you use is very important. How do you get those real, natural shots, without the subject knowing that you are photographing them?

A telephoto lens allows you to take pictures from a distance without being seen, but lacks an intimate connection or involvement with the subject. A small camera allows you to get closer to the action. You will be able to take pictures without being noticed, or be ignored if you are noticed.

  1. Wide-Angle Lens

Another way to take pictures of someone without their knowledge is by using a wide-angle lens. By placing the subject at the edge of the frame, or one of the thirds, the camera can be pointed away from them and they will not know they are being photographed.

  1. Explore

Need inspiration? Pick a city, explore it, and just observe life! Look for landmarks, prominent buildings, and unique aspects of the city. Where are the most interesting parts of the city? Take your time, relax, explore, and let the creativity and candid shots come organically.

  1. Take a lot of Photos

Waiting for the “perfect” shot is how you miss it. The rule is for every 20 photos, 1 will be a keeper. That means out of 100 shots, only 5 will be any good!

So don’t wait for the moment to be perfect, just take as many photos as you can and you will find you captured some great candid shots.

  1. Focus

Which focus you use is also a crucial factor in taking candid photos. The most common is Single Point AF or One Shot AF, which focuses on wherever you’ve placed your autofocus point on.

A less-used choice would be Al Servo AF or Continuous AF, which constantly autofocuses as the camera detects motion. This is great for high action shots, or if your subject suddenly moves.

Taking candid photos can either be an wonderful or frustrating experience. By using these 5 tips you will be able to capture great candid moments with ease.


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