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Science backed tricks that can help you to master negotiation

You have probably landed here because you are looking for some type of negotiation training. The art of negotiation is not a skill you are born with. You must learn this skill through the experience and through learning from the mistakes that others have made.

Understanding the art of negotiation involves more than just negotiation training, it involves quite a bit of science and psychology.


The Delicate Balance of Negotiation

No matter who you are, or what you do for a living, negotiation will require a basic understanding of psychology and a delicate balance between knowing what you want and understanding the person that you are dealing with.

If you have anxiety about negotiating a situation, whether it is your salary or you are an entrepreneur, you will need to understand this delicate balance. For example, people do not understand that approaching negotiation in the wrong manner, you can easily talk yourself into either a raise, or out of a job.

Whether you are trying to negotiate your current salary, or the price of a car you’ll need to understand the basic science behind negotiation.


The three rules behind negotiation

There are three basic rules of behind negotiation. These rules involve watching your focus, not being afraid to change your mind set, and being aware of your anchors.

Beware of anchors

When you are negotiating the price of a good or service, the value of the product or service that should be taken into consideration. It is important to remember that there is no fix value to any given product or service.

When you begin negotiations, the anchor of the negotiation if the manufacturer cost. After determining the manufacturers cost, you must realize that the company selling the product or negotiating the service, must make a profit. This involves doing a lot of homework for you decide to purchase the product.

After you have determined the manufacturing cost of the product or service, it is important to determine what a fair mark-up would be ensure that the company makes a profit from that good or service. The app should be your starting point a negotiation.

Pay attention to your focus

When it is time to negotiate on a fair price, make sure to choose your focus wisely. By choosing your focus wisely you can easily pay more attention to what you hope to gain from the negotiation. Research studies have proven that the more you focus on your own Financial Resources, the more you focus on what you hope to gain. As a result, you’re more likely to give up a larger percent of your resources than someone who has less resources to depend on. Therefore, your personal resources should not be involved in your thought process. This can cause you to overspend, or paying more than you personally desire for an item.

Be open to changing your mind

In a negotiation situation, do not have your mind set on a certain price, or benefit. You should always be open to changing your own personal mindset. At times, in situations where negotiation is necessary, you may eat develop the sensation pop] that the deal is not going your way. At this point, you should leave room for contemplating the situation. Do not be afraid to back off, and state that you plan to do more research on the situation at hand. Not only will this cause further contemplation on your part, it may also cause of the other party to come closer to your negotiation line.


Understanding what you are negotiating

It does not matter whether you are negotiating for a raise in pay, a new car, or an increase in direct pay as an entrepreneur, you must understand your situation and the situation of the person you are working with. Always research a true value of that good or service that you are in search of. Failing to do so, can cause you to miss out on a great deal of opportunities.



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