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Four Things To Consider When Looking For A Retail and Office Space For Lease

When it comes to finding retail and office space for lease, you have a lot of choices. You have to consider cost, location, lease terms, and even sublease options. Here are the things you need to consider when looking for retail and office space for lease. These tips can help you find the ideal space for your business. 


Retail and office space for lease costs can vary greatly between cities. 

The cost of retail and office space for lease Wilmington, Delaware depends on several factors, including the location and the type of lease structure. Triple-net (NNN) leases are the most common, but not all. While tenants must pay property taxes on their retail space, the landlords do not pass this cost along to tenants. On the other hand, property insurance rates are almost entirely out of landlords’ control. The average cost of office space for lease in some areas is approximately $25/sq ft/year.


When looking for retail and office space for lease, you should consider location. For example, many start-up companies outgrow co-working spaces and find that they quickly outgrow the space. Smaller businesses can rent one portion of a larger building to house their operations, while others can find individual spaces in a building. A leasing agent can help you find the best location and negotiate the best terms when choosing a retail space. The location of your business will make a huge difference in the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Once you have determined the best location for your business, you should narrow your search to the right neighborhood. The location of your retail space will be critical to foot traffic and visibility, so choosing a prime location is essential. Make sure that you do enough research to choose the ideal location. If you need a lot of space, you can always look for a larger building if the location is more convenient. Likewise, if you’re renting retail space for a small business, you can use a storefront to promote your business, as long as it can meet your needs.

Lease terms

When considering commercial leases, there are several factors to consider. While the term length of your commercial lease will depend on your needs, the duration should also account for projected growth. Long-term leases are good for businesses that plan to remain in the same location. However, a shorter lease term can limit your ability to grow your business. Therefore, choosing the right lease term is an important decision. When choosing a lease term for your office or retail space, here are some factors to consider.

First, think about how long you will need the space. A standard lease term might be too long for your business. Instead, try to find a flexible rental term that covers the period you need the space for. Also, consider the landlord’s willingness to negotiate if you want to make some changes in the office space. Small changes like putting in a new sink may not be worth negotiating a longer lease term. In this case, make sure you negotiate terms with your landlord that are favorable for your business.

Sublease options

The sublease market has grown considerably in the past year, and in many large metropolitan areas, there is a considerable amount of space available for lease. Sublease listings in these markets account for a higher percentage of vacated spaces than traditional office leasing. With the pandemic in effect, subleasing has risen among office tenants and retailers alike. Available space has reached record highs, and major companies have begun testing the waters. While retail subleasing isn’t as widespread as in office markets, lawyers and brokers working with retailers have noticed a rise in deals. A pandemic-induced reckoning could help make this trend even more attractive.

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