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Music Names

Every industry has its own popular names. In the music industry there are many popular names such as Yamaha or nathan east. You are probably familiar with them if you are a musician, but even if you are not you probably have heard them by now already and have a strong positive association with them. I recommend the names do anybody who values quality equipment.

How can you use PR to maximise a product launch?

When launching a new product the success of the venture can depend upon public awareness and consumer perception of the brand which necessitates an energetic and multi-pronged Public Relations (PR) campaign to present an acceptable face of the company to the target audience. This can be seen in public relations campaigns from professional firms such as Vantage PR. In order to gain maximum positive exposure at the time of release it is important to generate pre-launch buzz. Professional PR firms can employ multiple strategies within a product launch campaign utilising the press, public events, content sharing and social media platforms as well as electronic-mail to gain publicity for the new product in order to drive up sales and boost revenue.

Press release
Press releases are a key component of traditional PR strategies and are a lynchpin of successful product launch plans. While the original press releases were delivered in printed format the digital media era allows press releases to be circulated online. How much publicity a press release gets depends on which media outlets are disseminating the information, while the manner in which a press release is written is integral to its effectiveness once it reaches the public. To ensure a new product or business venture receives maximum positive exposure on its launch date it is advisable to hire a PR firm to handle the press release in a professional manner.

Social media
In the age of digital communications the masterful use of social media provides excellent PR opportunities to create a buzz around product launches. Networking across a range of social media platforms allows product releases to reach wider audiences as friends and followers are made aware of the event and may circulate news of it to their wider circle of contacts. The world of social media can be both fickle and volatile which is why many businesses and organisations turn to PR firms to navigate the tumultuous waters of social media for them. PR firms adept in the use of social media can assist in gaining good publicity for a product launch across various social platforms.

Online video
Online video strategies are an important aspect of PR campaigns in the digital age although the success of these methods depends upon video quality and viewer numbers. When using video to maximise a product launch the public perception of the commodity will be influenced by the standard to which the video is made so it is important that videos created for a PR strategy are of a professional quality. Well-crafted videos that catch viewers’ interest are more likely to be shared thus stand a greater chance of going viral, while social media contacts as well as ranking on search engines and content sharing platforms also play an important part in attracting viewers.

The effective use of emails as part of a product launch plan can raise awareness of the commodity or service being released and has become a cornerstone of modern PR campaigns. To increase the chances of a product release email being read instead of consigned to the trash folder it is necessary to create an attention-grabbing subject line while the overall design and composition of the email plays a role in transferring email recipients into customers. Enlisting the services of a seasoned PR firm to take charge of a product release email strategy will widen audience reach, while the professional quality of the emails being sent should boost sales.

Public events
Holding a public event to celebrate a product launch provides a golden PR opportunity to promote brand image and to market the commodity being released. Finding the right venue is an important step in planning a product launch event with popular locations including auditoriums and theatres while in some instances trade-shows relevant to the commodity being released will prove sufficient. PR firms can assist in the running of product release events and ensure the effective communication of important information about the commodity to the public.


The Advantages of YouTube Advertising

YouTube has changed the way we access video content, and it has also opened up a whole new avenue for video advertising. While for a long time, even after the advent of the internet age, video advertising was almost completely confined to TV. Now, YouTube advertising provides a very viable alternative route with a number of distinct advantages.


One of the advantages of YouTube advertising is its extensive reach, thanks to levels of traffic that are frankly immense. Worldwide, the site gets over a monthly billion unique visitors and more than four billion video views each day. It’s the world’s second most-visited website, behind only Facebook. YouTube’s search function receives more queries than any search engine besides Google. With so many users and so much activity, even niche businesses have the chance to find a relevant audience worth reaching out to.


YouTube is very accessible as an advertising platform. In fact, it is more accessible than most other video advertising platforms despite being among the most useful and powerful. Most of this is down to cost. For example, TV advertising – which is probably the video advertising outlet that most readily leaps to mind – is incredibly powerful, but is out of reach for many businesses because of simple financial reasons. Smaller businesses cannot afford or justify the cost, and neither can businesses that would find it hard to target their audience properly through a TV broadcast and could not guarantee effective results. YouTube advertising, on the other hand, is a far-reaching and effective way of utilising the power of video adverts, yet is financially within the reach of even smaller businesses.

Easy to Measure

YouTube advertising shares one key characteristic with most other online marketing avenues, but which other major video advertising channels lack; it is easy to measure. Because all activity takes place in an online environment where it can be precisely recorded, you get precise, accurate figures for key metrics and statistics where other avenues would only give you estimates. You can find out exactly how many people have seen your advert and exactly how many have clicked through. Other figures, such as the number of likes and shares, will be similarly precise. Online advertising is also far more likely to generate comments from users, which provides you with a useful source of feedback that can be used to refine your approach over time.

SEO Benefits

Search engines are most people’s go-to place when looking for things on the web, so optimising websites and other content for search engines is big business. YouTube adverts can help with this. By linking to relevant pages and complementary content on your website, you can build up valuable backlinks. The videos themselves will also have a search presence. Back in 2012, it was reported by Marketing Week that nearly 70% of Google’s top 100 search listings contained video results. Advertising on Youtube is an extra way to get seen not just by YouTube users, but by users of search engines as well.

Posted by Luke Cairns, owner of Butchers Hook Video, a corporate video production company based in Brighton and London, UK


Business Phone Solutions

Almost everybody uses phones on a regular basis. I know I do. We make calls to the people we love, we make business calls, and we make a phone call when we want to order a pizza.

As a consumer, I often deal with various companies when I want to buy a product from them. Sometimes I might want to call a company if I have a question, sometimes I want to make an order. Either way, for me it is important that when I call a company their phone system is efficient enough so that it is not a hassle for me. I value my time and I appreciate when a company has everything in order when I call them.

When a company thinks about which phone system to choose it should keep in mind the needs of the consumer. There are many phone systems for businesses out there. It is easy to forget that the customers are those that ultimately make a business succeed. Since these days so many people use phones, it is important for businesses to keep this in mind. Having a high quality phone system such as this VOIP Phone System can make a company look professional. I know that when I call some business and they quickly answer the phone and assist me in whatever I need, then it makes me like such a business a lot more.

Now, let’s imagine a situation where there is a successful business, but its phone system stopped working completely. I think if such a situation truly existed, then it would result in a loss of a lot of money for such a business. People would be calling, but they would not be able to get through. Probably they would decide to deal with some other company that would have their phone system in order. I know that if I would call some business and they would not answer, then I might start thinking that perhaps they went out of business.

Overall, it is safe to say that it would be almost impossible to live in these times without phones.

I am discussing all kinds of business and finance topics on this blog and I hope that the information I provide will prove to be useful.