How can you use PR to maximise a product launch?

When launching a new product the success of the venture can depend upon public awareness and consumer perception of the brand which necessitates an energetic and multi-pronged Public Relations (PR) campaign to present an acceptable face of the company to the target audience. This can be seen in public relations campaigns from professional firms such as Vantage PR. In order to gain maximum positive exposure at the time of release it is important to generate pre-launch buzz. Professional PR firms can employ multiple strategies within a product launch campaign utilising the press, public events, content sharing and social media platforms as well as electronic-mail to gain publicity for the new product in order to drive up sales and boost revenue.

Press release
Press releases are a key component of traditional PR strategies and are a lynchpin of successful product launch plans. While the original press releases were delivered in printed format the digital media era allows press releases to be circulated online. How much publicity a press release gets depends on which media outlets are disseminating the information, while the manner in which a press release is written is integral to its effectiveness once it reaches the public. To ensure a new product or business venture receives maximum positive exposure on its launch date it is advisable to hire a PR firm to handle the press release in a professional manner.

Social media
In the age of digital communications the masterful use of social media provides excellent PR opportunities to create a buzz around product launches. Networking across a range of social media platforms allows product releases to reach wider audiences as friends and followers are made aware of the event and may circulate news of it to their wider circle of contacts. The world of social media can be both fickle and volatile which is why many businesses and organisations turn to PR firms to navigate the tumultuous waters of social media for them. PR firms adept in the use of social media can assist in gaining good publicity for a product launch across various social platforms.

Online video
Online video strategies are an important aspect of PR campaigns in the digital age although the success of these methods depends upon video quality and viewer numbers. When using video to maximise a product launch the public perception of the commodity will be influenced by the standard to which the video is made so it is important that videos created for a PR strategy are of a professional quality. Well-crafted videos that catch viewers’ interest are more likely to be shared thus stand a greater chance of going viral, while social media contacts as well as ranking on search engines and content sharing platforms also play an important part in attracting viewers.

The effective use of emails as part of a product launch plan can raise awareness of the commodity or service being released and has become a cornerstone of modern PR campaigns. To increase the chances of a product release email being read instead of consigned to the trash folder it is necessary to create an attention-grabbing subject line while the overall design and composition of the email plays a role in transferring email recipients into customers. Enlisting the services of a seasoned PR firm to take charge of a product release email strategy will widen audience reach, while the professional quality of the emails being sent should boost sales.

Public events
Holding a public event to celebrate a product launch provides a golden PR opportunity to promote brand image and to market the commodity being released. Finding the right venue is an important step in planning a product launch event with popular locations including auditoriums and theatres while in some instances trade-shows relevant to the commodity being released will prove sufficient. PR firms can assist in the running of product release events and ensure the effective communication of important information about the commodity to the public.


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