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Understanding How Title Insurance Helps

Ask anyone what their largest asset is, and most folks will point to their home. However, unlike bank accounts, diamond jewelry locked in home safes, and premium vehicles kept inside garages, a home is actually one of the easier assets to steal from people. And, believe it or not, theft can happen in broad daylight at the local county recorder’s office without anyone being the wiser. The method and serious problem that doesn’t seem to get much attention is title theft.

Property Titles are Extremely Vulnerable

When a home is owned, a title record is recorded at the local government county office for that jurisdiction the home is in. That becomes the legal record of ownership for all involved, including the court system and the owners. However, titles can be changed very easily. With the right paperwork, the county recorder will process a title change like any other similar paperwork, effectively changing the ownership of a home from one party to another. While many folks will process title changes with homebuying and homeselling, which is normal and legal, a small group hide within that workload and process fake title changes. When that happens, if not caught, the home effectively has changed hands. 

What Exactly Gets Stolen?

Does the above mean someone suddenly has the keys to a home and walks right in? No. Instead, title thieves take out loans and credit financing against the title stolen, receiving real cash for a home used as collateral. All of this occurs without the real owner knowing what’s going on. The problem typically only gets found when the lender realizes the loan has been defaulted and then seeks recovery against the collateral, the home title on record for the loan. By then, the home title is in a complete mess, the thieves have taken off with the money, and the lender is proceeding to seize the home to recover their loss. 

Beat the Thieves Before They Get Started

Title insurance Florida protection helps block attempts at fraudulent title theft. Title insurance blocks attempts at the criminal transfer of a property title, the elements needed to execute the title change are secured and verified before action is taken, and the insurance elements protect the financial interests of the parties covered, which can be extremely helpful in resolving any losses. Southern Title can help the entire process and give you peace of mind with home protection and legal prevention of title theft. The last thing you want is your home slipping out from underneath your feet legally. Title insurance is the critical shield to make sure that sort of nightmare doesn’t occur, especially when buying or selling a home.

How a Loan Can Help Your Business

Running a business is not easy. Especially when you’re starting out, you need all the help you can get. Before you make the revenue that you’d like to make, you may have to make large investments from the get-go. This process can be intimidating for entrepreneurs, and it can cause you to give up before your business ever finds success.

While it’s important to pay attention to your capital, you shouldn’t have to tear your hair out over finances. With the right game plan, managing money isn’t always as difficult as it looks. Borrowing a loan can support your endeavors and give you the confidence you need.


Without the right funding, your business is at risk of staying where it is in the pecking order. You may have to rely on free advertising, limited staff and cheap equipment, hoping that your business will one day grow enough so that you can afford better quality production. The problem is that if you aren’t finding and satisfying customers, you will never have sufficient purchasing power to build on your brand. A loan will allow you to expand your horizons and make moves right away.


Not all loans are the same. Some come with high rates and are designed for businesses that have already become established in a given market. When you’re perusing your options, you may be concerned that you won’t be able to secure the loans that you see. However, there are many lenders who focus on newcomers who don’t have the best portfolios yet. Many loans offer low-interest rates and can allow you to put up collateral for security. This way, the lender can repossess the collateral in case you do default. If you find the right lender, you can borrow just enough money to jumpstart your business without wrecking your bank account.

Cash Flow

The key to running a business is momentum. The truth is that many businesses are brought to a close before they even find a steady pace. Before you build a big enterprise, you must start with an adequate cash flow. The money that comes in and goes out should follow a regular pattern, and your returns on investment should be enough for your business to go further. If you get help from a good lender, you will be able to work with larger projects and assets.


Last but not least, loans make business matters easier overall. You will have the flexibility to plan and budget, and in some cases, you may be able to have payment plans adjusted. A loan will enable you to be practical and creative with your spending. On top of this, loans are often easy to find and apply for. The digital space allows you to make an account online, such as a MaxLend login, and from there you’ll get a clear picture of what’s available to you.

You should not let money matters stifle your professional goals. With all the financing options available in the modern world, there is probably something that can help you. A loan can unlock the door to your business’s future.

How You Can Reduce the Amount of Chargebacks This Holiday Season

The holiday season means big business for every store owner. Most of the sales for the year will happen in just a few short months for many shops. But along with all of the sales comes the possibility of chargebacks. The more chargebacks you end up having will mean your bottom line will be lower than where you want it to be. There are ways that you can reduce holiday chargebacks, and it starts with you knowing how to reduce credit card chargebacks.

How You Can Reduce Chargebacks This Holiday Season

Once the shopping time is completed, and the gifts are exchanged, the chargebacks start. People will get their first credit card statement and look it over and start to wonder if every charge was theirs or not. To help reduce the number of chargebacks, what you can do here are some things.

  • You will want to keep your computers and equipment up to date with the latest updates. Outdated devices and machines can increase the number of chargebacks because they are not catching security issues that were fixed in the latest update.
  • You will want to be using the latest security measures on the market today. This will include an updated SSL certificate, purchase verification using updated protocols, and much more. One missing piece can mean a drop in sales.
  • You will also want to keep updated records of all your transactions. This means keeping receipts and shipping information. If a chargeback happens, you will need this information to see why the customer wants a refund.
  • You will want to ensure that all product descriptions are readable on the receipts and descriptions that identify what was purchased and where the purchase was made. Vagueness will help drive chargebacks, because people will not remember where things were purchased.
  • Provide the best kind of customer service you can during the holidays. Make sure your employees are polite and remind customers of the return policy. When a customer does not understand the return policy, a chargeback will take place through their bank or credit card company.

The holiday season is supposed to be a wonderful time of the year for both consumers and business owners. You can keep yourself from becoming a victim of chargebacks by following the suggestions above. You will also want to engage in clear communication at all times, so everyone knows what is expected of them during the holiday season.

Why Employee Drug Testing Is Important

Are you considering mandatory drug testing for your employees? Maybe there was an accident on the facility grounds, or you just want to take extra precaution. As you probably know, drugs can have serious consequences for both the user and the people around them. Drug testing is necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Here is why you should utilize drug testing for your employees. 


You need to make sure your company isn’t held liable or responsible for any accidents or wrongdoing. For example, if an employee assaults a customer while high on drugs, this might affect your company. On the other hand, if illegal drugs are found on the company facility, this could be bad news for both you and the company. You certainly don’t want to end up in legal trouble or be hit with criminal charges because of someone else’s actions. Employee Drug Testing Houston TX is a great way to reduce this problem.  


An important part of running a business is making sure everyone feels safe. This includes both employees and customers. As you probably know, drugs can make a person act strange or aggressive. When a person uses drugs, the environment can quickly become unsafe for everyone around them. They might become violent, hitting or punching people. Utilizing drug testing for employees can help ensure that both customers and employees feel comfortable in their surroundings. 


As a trusted employee, it’s important that a person is able to accomplish the assigned tasks at work. A person who abuses drugs might not be able to do what they are supposed to do on the job. For example, if the person works at a fast food restaurant, they might not be able to make food fast enough. They might not be able to deliver food to customers quickly. Whatever the job is, employees need to be able to do their job effectively. Drug testing can help make sure that employees can peforrm their duties. 

Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction Finance

Oscar Onsite is the UK’s Leading Authority in Cavity Wall Insulation Surveying and Extraction and has entered a hybrid partnership with the UK’s Leading financial broker in the home improvement industry, which allows all homeowners throughout the UK access to a simple, tailored, and affordable financial solution when it comes to Cavity Wall Insulation extraction, any other associated works.

15 MILLION homes have been fitted with Cavity Wall Insulation and an estimated 3M have expired, failed or got wet bringing damp and mould and other problems into the house and having the opposite effect of what it was meant to deliver.

Guarantee agencies are ineffective and often reject claims for extraction, leaving homeowners to pay for the extraction themselves which typically costs around £2000, a significant sum not many people have spare.

Oscar Onsite finance brings you a low and affordable plan for repayment from as little as £28.92 a month which also includes an independent check by Oscar Onsite after the contractor has finished his work to ensure they have removed all of the insulation and any rubble and debris that may have been present, and only when that check is complete and proven does the finance get released to the contractor. As you cannot see inside the cavity walls, this check is highly recommended and Oscar Onsite have the specialist tools, cameras and technicians to perform this check anywhere around the UK.

Many of the failed and expired insulations are a fibre material which easily soaks up damp and wet. Cavity Wall Insulation can also be re-installed with the new bead type material which is far more effective and does not bring the problems that fibre insulation brings, and regaining 33% heating saving on your heating energy bills.

And with the Oscar Onsite Clearance Certificate, once you have this you can apply for free make-good works to the outside of your property and free reinstall of bead insulation. Government grants are available for the majority of homeowners once failed insulation has been removed.

I am discussing all kinds of business and finance topics on this blog and I hope that the information I provide will prove to be useful.