Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction Finance

Oscar Onsite is the UK’s Leading Authority in Cavity Wall Insulation Surveying and Extraction and has entered a hybrid partnership with the UK’s Leading financial broker in the home improvement industry, which allows all homeowners throughout the UK access to a simple, tailored, and affordable financial solution when it comes to Cavity Wall Insulation extraction, any other associated works.

15 MILLION homes have been fitted with Cavity Wall Insulation and an estimated 3M have expired, failed or got wet bringing damp and mould and other problems into the house and having the opposite effect of what it was meant to deliver.

Guarantee agencies are ineffective and often reject claims for extraction, leaving homeowners to pay for the extraction themselves which typically costs around £2000, a significant sum not many people have spare.

Oscar Onsite finance brings you a low and affordable plan for repayment from as little as £28.92 a month which also includes an independent check by Oscar Onsite after the contractor has finished his work to ensure they have removed all of the insulation and any rubble and debris that may have been present, and only when that check is complete and proven does the finance get released to the contractor. As you cannot see inside the cavity walls, this check is highly recommended and Oscar Onsite have the specialist tools, cameras and technicians to perform this check anywhere around the UK.

Many of the failed and expired insulations are a fibre material which easily soaks up damp and wet. Cavity Wall Insulation can also be re-installed with the new bead type material which is far more effective and does not bring the problems that fibre insulation brings, and regaining 33% heating saving on your heating energy bills.

And with the Oscar Onsite Clearance Certificate, once you have this you can apply for free make-good works to the outside of your property and free reinstall of bead insulation. Government grants are available for the majority of homeowners once failed insulation has been removed.

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