Why LED lighting becomes the norm in office buildings and public places

The domain where the pace of innovations is the fastest is technology. As soon as we embrace one technology, another one is just around the corner, offering more options and solving problems created by the previous products. Most people notice this rapid pace when they look at phones, but there are other areas where innovations are taking place. Like lighting, for example.

LED lighting is taking over

In America LED lighting has been available for some time, but only recently it began to take off as the favorite lighting option of the nation. In the last five years, LED tubes have been adopted as the primary lighting type by a large number of manufacturers and offices. The main reason for this move was the cost of LED bulbs has decreased significantly in the last years, making them more attractive to buyers. Even if they are still more expensive than regular bulbs, LEDs last longer, which makes them cost-effective on the long term.

Saving money and the planet

With millennials being the most environment-conscious generation to this day, LEDs are gaining lots of fans thanks to their energy efficiency. For a generation that is concern about their carbon footprint and try to reduce the pollution to the minimum, LED tubes are an amazing solution for the future.

Many entrepreneurs are investing massively in LED lights, changing all their lighting fixtures in their offices, even if the old ones are functional, in order to reduce the impact of their business on the environment.

Apart from being friendly to the environment, LED lights use less energy to function, compared to other lighting options. This translates into smaller energy bills, which are highly important, especially for businesses where light is needed for 20+ hours a day. For example, factories and stores can benefit a lot from the smaller bills when they switch to LED tubes.

An outdoor solution

LED lighting is suitable for both inside and outside, which makes them versatile. Entrepreneurs who need to light large outdoor areas, like a parking lot or pool, can benefit from LEDs, as they require minimal maintenance, they don’t have to be replaced frequently and they are able to resist  Installing LEDs in outdoor spaces also increases their security. Because the tubes provide a clear light, people or cameras can easily see all the traffic. Moreover, they can be used to create visually pleasing features, with a double function: to provide light and decoration.

LED lighting come in every type of shape and size, so you can easily create amazing designs to suit every need. BAA LED tubes can provide every color you want and can be adjusted to change colors at specific moments or alternate between several colors. This is something only LEDs can do, as other types of lighting use a plain filament and colored glass to provide colored light.

LED tubes are not only the lighting of the future but also the lighting of the present, thanks to the significant benefits they provide and their versatility.

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