What you need in the office to increase productivity and sales!

The office environment is an important thing to get right. Its and area that a lot of people spend a large percentage of their time, it’s where people do their work and it is an area that customers may come in to see so it is important to be optimised for these things. You want it to be a nice area so staff will enjoy coming to work and not just want to watch the clock, its needs to be enhanced to boost productivity and needs to be appealing for customers who may come in so they look at the business positively. In this article we are going to discuss various improvements that could be made to an office to increase the productivity of staff and increase the sales of the business.

Organisation and cleanliness

Something that is very important to getting work done is organisation. This applies to the organisation of physical things like folders, the work place and staff and applies to digital things like files and programs. This all ties into efficiency of working as people will be able to get jobs done faster if they can find what they need faster. It reduces confusion and lessens the chance of work getting lost. It is important to put staff who work in similar rolls closer together as then they can get advice and information quicker as well.

Keeping everything clean as well is quite important to the moral of workers. If you work in an area that is dirty you won’t be as productive as it subconsciously makes us less happy and more scatter brained. If you staff are happy, they will want to come to work and will increase the quantity and quality of their work.

Plants and natural light

The subconscious is a complicated thing. It is not fully understood but studies have shown that offices that have more nature in them like sunlight and plants are more creative and happier. This will lead to your staff being more productive and more sales being made and more work being done.

Branded office equipment

Having branded stationary and utensils like branded mugs in the office can be very beneficial in many different ways! For example, having all of your utensils branded with your logo gives the company a sense of professionalism and confidence. Employees will feel like they are part of a company that is worthwhile thus making them work that little bit harder. It also benefits clients who may come into the office as they will see all of these branded pieces of merchandise and will trust in the company more. This is because they will see all your branded mugs and believe that only a business that is successful and trustworthy could do something like that and be more likely to purchase with you. Plus you could give them to clients to take home and use so they will see your logo for a long time to come.

An area for refreshments

It is important to separate the areas where people work and where you get your refreshments. This separations is valuable because having the disconnect between them allows people to focus when they are in the office area. It sets up mental states of minds for each area that says that one area is to relax and the other is to work. Not only that but it is important for staff members to have a rest and refresh themselves with a drink as non-stop work will make people tired and less efficient. So having the facilities to refresh your staff is a very important thing to have in the office.

Encourage personalisation of employee’s workspace

As staff members spend a long time at their desk so it is only natural that they may want to bring in some things to decorate their workspace. You should allow this as it has been shown that staff members decorating their workspace with photos, desk items and other personal belongings does a lot for personal wellbeing and can improve a person’s satisfaction with their job. It also creates the sense of that area being theirs, which makes them feel more secure about the job and happy to be there. As we have mentioned before, these leads to more work done as if they are happy with where they are and what they are doing, they will work faster and efficiently.

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