Vinyl Lettering vs. Clear Decals: Which Is Best?

Your storefront is the first physical point of contact for customers, so consider dressing up your storefront an important part of the sales process. Two popular options for storefront lettering are clear window decals and vinyl-cut lettering. Most signage companies offer both options to customers. Both look great on a storefront window. However, it’s important to know the difference between these two products. This will make choosing the right material for your easy to do.
What Are Clear Window Decals?
These decals have a design printed directly onto a clear sheet of material called Window Deco. They’re printed as a single piece, so they go onto the window as such, as opposed to sticking each individual letter onto the window separately.
Clear decals can be used either inside or outside of the window. When properly placed and cared for, clear window decals can last for three years or more when applied on the interior side of the window. If placed outside of the window, they can last a year or more depending on weather conditions, they can last a year or more.
Vinyl Lettering
While vinyl lettering looks similar to clear window decals, they have a difference production process. Vinyl pieces are cut from a colored piece of vinyl with adhesive already on it. Unlike clear window decals which allow you to customize your colors, vinyl lettering already has predetermined colors.
Since the letters printed onto the vinyl aren’t printed, they adhere to the window as separate pieces without the clear background. However, you don’t have to adhere each piece individually. The end result will be exactly as you see it in previews. They can also be placed inside or outside of the window. With proper care, vinyl letters placed on the inside of the window can last up to ten years.
The advantage of clear decals is that you have greater power over customization, since you print everything on a single sheet of clear material. However, this option has a shorter lifespan. Vinyl decals have a longer lifespan, but you don’t have as many options for customizing since the letters and shapes are cut from individual sheets of predetermined colors. The right option depends on your needs as a business owner.

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