Using Storage to Help Your Business

Self storage facilities are a growth industry across the UK: they’re springing up on the outskirts of towns, or in pockets of free space across cities wherever anyone can secure the space needed. They aren’t just used by people moving house: while that’s the most obvious reason people often think of when they consider storage facilities, they have a host of business applications, especially for start ups and small businesses.

When you find out some of the ways self storage facilities are helping small businesses, you might join the ranks of people getting involved and making sure you have a storage unit ready when you need it.

Stock and Warehousing

If you’re running a small business, your needs can vary rapidly. If you’re selling seasonal products for example, you could go from running the leanest possible operation in October to needing hundreds of square feet of space for stock and processing in December.

It doesn’t make sense to maintain all this warehousing space full time when you’re a small operation: one of your main virtues is your agility. Self storage facilities have short notice periods and greatly variable capacity: this means that you can quickly move from unit to unit to accommodate your needs. Also, storage units come with council tax and all other costs included in the overall price, making budgeting much more straightforward.

Finding the Right Facility

If you’re looking for storage London has a lot of choices for small business owners, so you’re not going to find yourself short of options. As with any other business decision, try to get multiple quotes from different facilities – you need to be making an informed choice when you sign the contract.

Also, make sure you make your needs clear: if you’re planning on staying with the facility for a long time make that known upfront and ask to discuss business and long-term rates. There may also be additional insurance costs if you’re using the facility in a business capacity, but ignoring these could prove to be a false economy. If you’re paying the facility for insurance, this should give you peace of mind, as they are taking on responsibility for any problems that could occur: if your inventory was damaged in a warehouse you own yourself, you would have nowhere to turn, but with the responsibility for security on the Storage Facility owners, this is one less thing for you to worry about.

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