Three Reasons Blogs Make Great Communication Tools for Leaders

Communication is often a defining component of an effective manager. Using every available form of communication to keep employees informed is chore that has become much more complex in the modern business day. One tool that has risen in popularity is the blog. Leaders, executives, and managers, like David Kiger, use the digital medium to offer guidance, inspire productivity, and motivate employees and readers. Blogs offer a way for leaders to share their thoughts and deliver the same message to every reader. The consistency and reliability of the written word can be a powerful aid in the world of business.

Offering Guidance
Blogs are a way for leaders to guide others faced with similar circumstances. The posts can be used to educated and improve a process, or the entries can serve as valuable training guidelines. Since everyone has access to the same information, a clear, concise, and consistent message is delivered uniformly to every reader. When faced with issues, difficulties, or choices, just about every worker, manager, or employee is looking for advice. With a blog post, individuals can simply look up the information without having to ask.

Inspire Productivity
Communicators can also use posts to inspire productive habits. The internet is loaded with a number of tips and tricks, but when a co-worker or company leader takes the time to share thoughts and ideas, the information can be a bit more reliable and respected. Furthermore, blogs can be commented on and shared via social media, which means the documents can inspire people to interact and work together to solve any number of problems.

Motivational Tools
Blogs can also provide much need motivation. Mentioning employees in a post or using a photo or two of the workplace can go a long way in improving morale. Everyone likes to be recognized for their accomplishments, and a blog provides the framework for recognition and reward programs. Plus, employees can even be interviewed for posts or write their own entries as an incentive. The possibilities are as flexible as the author allows.

In the end, blogs are valuable communication tools for business leaders. The medium allows leaders to offer guidance, inspire productivity, and provide motivational tools for their organization. Blogs can be as creative and unique as the author desires while still delivering key messages across a desired demographic. The low cost and ease of production makes them a versatile tool in the arsenal of any leader trying to communicate with a number of people at different times yet still deliver a clear message. The internet has changed the way people communicate. Putting the power of technology to work can benefit the entire organization.

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