Three Easy Ways to Boost Morale in Your Office

It’s easy for employees to become complacent and for productivity to suffer because of it. However, it’s also easy to boost the morale of your employees with just a little effort. After all, your employees are in the same environment for eight or more hours every day. Scientists have proven that the workplace environment can have a massive effect on the mood of the workers and, therefore, how much work they are able to complete in a day. By increasing their comfort, limiting distractions, and improving their mood, you will see a rise in morale and increased workplace productivity.

First, consider upgrading your office furniture. It’s hard to be productive if your back hurts from an uncomfortable chair. Similarly, you can increase the speed of work as well as limit future issues with carpal tunnel syndrome by choosing ergonomic keyboards for your workers’ computers. Many studies have shown that improving the decor of a workspace improves the mood of the people who work within it, and the improvements don’t have to be expensive. For example, you can pick up attractive, used conference tables for a reasonable price from a company like Office Furniture Direct and make a huge difference in the feeling of your conference space.

Another easy way to boost morale and improve productivity is by limiting the number of distractions that your employees face while working. Studies show that the number one source of distractions in offices is noise. So, consider adding a white noise machine or neutral music to the background of your workplace. You can also make earphone or earbuds available so that employees can listen to the music of their choice while they work. Another major distraction comes from interruptions. Ask employees to limit interruption throughout the day, and encourage them to check email at regular, scheduled times, instead of responding to each email as it pops up. This will improve their ability to focus on the task at hand and get their work done more quickly.

Finally, consider adding amenities and small conveniences to your office to cheer up employees. Small gestures, like buying everyone lunch or even just coffee, can make a huge difference in the happiness of your employees. Make sure that your employees take regular breaks by providing a comfortable space for them to relax in. Even better, let employees have access to an open space outside for break-time. Studies have shown that people who spend time outdoors reduce their stress levels and work better over time. Don’t be afraid to let your employees relax and have a little fun at work, too. Celebrating birthdays and holidays can build camaraderie and increase office morale without a lot of effort.

Small changes can make a big difference in the mood and productivity of your office and its employees. When you make your workspace inviting, minimize distractions, and add fun, your employees will work harder because they’ll be happier. And happiness is always helpful!

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