Questions to Ask about Your Expectations from a Payroll Service

Before you decide to outsource payroll services with a local agency, you should develop a list of your expectations to share with the representatives from those firms. You may want to speak with some of your colleagues who are now outsourcing their payroll tasks to see what services they use and how pleased they are with the customer care that they are receiving. Let’s look at some of the expectations that you should have when you hire a team of payroll experts.


  1. Does the payroll company that you are considering offer both tailored and fully managed services that handle all parts of your payroll? Will their services be in compliance with the most current legislation and are they familiar with automatic enrolment and RTI?
  2. Will the size of your company impact the quality of service that you receive from a team of experts? Can they do your CIS payrolls? The professionals at suggest that you should expect first class service that is hassle free, cost effective, and delivered by qualified and expert staff that are proactive, efficient, and accurate. With a team committed to excellence you should have no worries about the outsourced payroll results that you receive.
  3. How will you exchange information with the payroll specialists with whom you will be working? Will the formats be encrypted for the protection of your data? Have all employees been vetted properly so that the privacy of your company will be honoured at all times? Outsourcing payroll tasks may be challenging to you if you’ve never used this service before, which is why you must choose the right team so that you’ll have peace of mind in the decision that you make.
  4. Can you find the services that you need at a high level of quality within your budget? Outsourced payroll fees should be based on the services that you use and must be agreed upon before work commences. Ask the company what their charges to your company will be, when you will be expected to remit your payment, and if you can receive any discounts for early payment. Knowing what is expected by your outsourced payroll provider can alleviate any misunderstandings or confusion about invoice payment.
  5. Will you have the same point of contact with whom to work each pay period? If you have to spend time explaining issues to different people each time your payslips are due, you will be reinventing the wheel; ask for the same POC so that you can streamline the exchange of information or questions without lengthy explanations each time.
  6. When you outsource your payroll, will the company provide any informational seminars so that you can keep current with some of the trends in the payroll and accounting areas? If you can find a company that offers free seminars, this is an added bonus for your company.


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