Protecting Your Equine Investment against Unexpected Losses

Horses cost thousands of dollars, making them one of the biggest livestock investments that farmers and ranchers make. These animals can be used for a variety of farming purposes. They can also be shown or ridden for prize money in rodeos, fairs, and other exhibitions.

When you rely on the income you gain from your horse, you may want to protect that money against unexpected losses. You can protect that source of money even if your horse is lost, stolen, injured, or killed by purchasing farm, ranch, or horse insurance today.

Assuming Disasters that Could Affect Your Horse

You might make every effort to keep your farm or ranch as safe as possible. You grade the gravel roads to keep them level and smooth. You also repair the bridges going over culverts and creeks on your property. Every inch of your property should be safe enough for your horse to travel over without succumbing to an accident.

Still, you cannot predict if or when a disaster may strike your horse. The animal could be struck by lightning while out in the pasture. It could also be bitten by a rattlesnake and die unexpectedly. You never know when you might walk into the barn or out in the field to find your horse gone.

Buying a Policy

Because you cannot control the unexpected, you need some type of protection in place for when disaster does strike your horse. When you go online, you can get a quote for what a new policy would cost you. The horse and its value can be appraised quickly so you can make the best decision for you and your farm or ranch.

If you agree with the value and price of the policy, you can start it today. The website is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. You can also tailor the policy so that it covers therapeutic or rehabilitative services that your horse might need to overcome an injury or illness.

A horse is a major investment that can bring in revenue to your farm or ranch. Whether you hire it out for stud or use it to plow fields, you need the horse to stay strong and healthy. Rather than bank on its health, you can protect your income and guard against the unexpected by purchasing an insurance policy designed to fit your needs today.

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