Professional Counsel to Help You Gain Permanent Residence

Many people think that immigrants to this country come here as poor laborers who have yet to make any formal investment in the economy. In fact, many people come to this country as investors and make a contribution to the economy even before they arrive to the U.S. Because investors are important to keeping local and the national economies afloat, they are often granted special visas and green cards that allow them to gain permanent residency faster. If you plan on investing in one of the many markets available in the U.S., you can gain the residency you seek faster by relying on a firm that offers services like green card through investment Houston and other tactics to helping you become a U.S. resident.

Changing Laws

The immigration law in the U.S. is always changing. Lay people find it difficult to keep up with the changes, which can make it more confusing and difficult when your goal is to obtain permanent residency in this country.

When you want to know how much you must invest before you can be granted an investor’s visa, you may find it easier to hire a legal representative who knows the laws and dollar amounts. You can be advised about what markets you should put money into and also what amount will meet the minimal requirement required by the current immigration law.

The current law states that investors must put at least $1 million into an investment before they can be granted a visa. However, it also stipulates that lower amounts may be acceptable if the money is put into a larger market. When you want to know if your investment meets the criteria, you can consult with a firm that knows the specifics of the law.

Other Immigration Concerns

If you want to know other ways that you can gain residency, you may likewise retain a firm that offers help in those areas. You may be interested in the work transition program, for example.

Gaining permanent residency takes finesse and know-how. When you want to fulfill the current obligations of the law, you can look to professional and competent legal help to guide you through the process of staying in the country legally.

Foreign investors are welcomed and granted residency under special visa laws. You can become a legal resident by allowing a professional legal firm to guide you in this process.

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