Learning About The Hard Money Loan Process

Is it possible that you may have been looking for the ideal investment property for a while and no sure where you were going to get the money to buy the property? That may have kept you from getting involved in any real estate transaction? Have you thought about approaching different hard money lenders? This might be the financial option that awaits you. In reality, no traditional bank is going to loan you money to do a ‘fixer upper’ or ‘rehab’ property. However, hard money lenders specialize in things like that. They use the property as collateral to give you the loan.

More Benefits Than Risks

There are risks associated with using a hard money loan, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. Most real estate investors would not be using hard money lenders, if that was not the case. What is a hard money loan? It is an amount of money that you borrowed from a specialized lender to purchase a property that you are interested in fixing up and selling. The loan amount is going to vary and dependent on the contract amount and the agreement between you and the seller and you and the lender.

The Approved Loan Process

When you are approved for one of the many hard money loans available, you receive the funds and the lender gets the monthly interest that will be charged for the loan until you pay it back completely. Most times, you will have to pay the lender a one-time fee for loan processing. However, this is not usually high. The interest rates, though, can be higher than a conventional loan because it is predicated on collateral and not on your credit history or credit score.


In any event, real estate investing is an art. If you are a new investor, it is best to seek a hard money lender that will guide you through the financing process. You stand a better chance of getting one of the best hard money loans and paying it off while walking away with a profit. Once you get the knack of it, you will always use a hard money loan to fund your investments.

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