HR Solutions for Small Businesses

When a company has fewer than fifty employees, human resources likely can’t be a significant part of its operating budget. Nevertheless, compliance with federal and state regulations is imperative, and it’s extremely important for companies to manage their human resources tasks both accurately and efficiently. Here are some important strategies that can help simplify human resource management for small businesses.

Simplify Payroll Management

It’s critical that payroll management is handled accurately and cost-effectively. The optimal solution for small businesses may be to outsource timekeeping and payroll functions. If you need to establish a relationship with a payroll specialist Oregon, choose a company that can assist with all aspects of payroll management rather than just cutting checks. Ideally, a provider should be able to assist you with onboarding and offboarding, checking the accuracy of deductions, and making adjustments related to timekeeping as well as time-off.

Streamline Employee Timekeeping

If you have nonexempt staff who need to clock in and out, then you might consider using a system that is intended to guarantee accuracy and doesn’t require significant oversight. A biometric timeclock can help guarantee that employees are logging hours responsibly, and some systems include portable options for employees who work offsite. If you need to use a system that tracks how employees are spending time, then it may be beneficial to use a program that gives employees to enter their time according to particular tasks, projects, or clients.

Establish a Comprehensive Employee Handbook

Having an organized handbook can help to ensure that individual employees are clear about company policies and that they’ll be applied consistently. You’ll likely have to field fewer individual questions about important topics such as time-off, benefits, and employee discipline.

Staying on top of your staff’s timekeeping and payroll administration requires excellent organizational skills and resourceful delegation of responsibility. Work with experienced administrators and legal counsel to ensure that your operations are run cost-efficiently and compliantly.


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