How To Win Your Customers Trust And Make Profit

The business world has seen a radical transformation in recent years. Some would argue it is a long overdue change for the better. If the 80s were all about cut throat, aggressive businessmen, the decades that followed paved the way for marketing methods that favour people over profit by any means necessary. Was it that marketers realised the ‘Don Draper’ style wasn’t working anymore? Lies just don’t cut it in today’s business landscape, honesty is everything and it makes money, crucial not just when starting out but also if you want to own a business that continues to grow in spite of the economic landscape. Your business will benefit from long lasting relationships of trust. How to create this trust? That can be summarised down to a single sentence i.e. ‘deliver on your promise’ but let’s dive deeper into the meaning of business-client trust relationship building.


Make It Easy For Clients To Connect With You


As tempting as it may be to bury your head away from the deluge of messages people bombard you with on social media, it is a bad idea to ignore them. Instead you should be looking to convert these inquiring Facebook/Twitter followers into paying customers. It stands to reason that if you want to convert these potential buyers, you need to be ready to answer their questions. A little bit of automation is OK, a chatbot can be utilised for the most basic of queries but be careful not to make your future clients angry. Treat them with respect and dignity and you will win their hearts. Have your social media channels manned by knowledgeable customer service agents who solve problems and place buyers in the funnel, ready to convert. Ensure you are easy to reach via email, social media, on your website and via the phone.


Protect And Preserve Customer Privacy


The next step after optimising your contact channels is to ensure protection of your customers data. This means first of all you do not share this data with anyone and you use it for its purpose and nothing else. If customers find you have been sharing their details without consent, they will never do business with you again. In the era of rising cybercrime, private data is a huge concern for everyone. Make sure the data is secured and encrypted and if you do need to share it for any reason, seek consent first and offer an opt out, also explain in clear terms exactly why you need to communicate this data with other organisations. Take steps to make your data collection compliant with existing data protection laws and new ones like the upcoming GDPR legislation.


Go The Extra Mile


Customers appreciate a company that can deliver a service that goes above and beyond the expected standard. The fact is, such companies are rare so if your company can find a way to deliver that little bit extra, you are a great position when it comes to trust building. It could be something as simple as a complimentary gift or bespoke thank you message. However you choose to make your service go the extra mile, it sends a positive message to new and existing clients that won’t just build trust but strengthen it and it is always worth the effort.



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