How to make international calls but only pay local rates

We all know the pains of being abroad whether it’s on a holiday or a business trip and thinking of the horrendous charges we might face for using our mobile abroad. What might start as a simple call to your loved ones to say you landed safely and find out how they are might end in you receiving a hefty bill on your return home.


Most network providers have managed to lower their costs over the years but it would still be easy to spend a few hundred between a few calls, uploading a few photos and checking your emails each morning. Some people may choose to just go cold turkey and not use their mobile, but it doesn’t need to be like this. Some companies are now allowing you to continue to use your mobile phone at a fraction of the cost by technically not making them international calls.


Think about it international calls might be expensive, but local calls aren’t so why not call international yet only pay local rates. Yes, it is possible. The newest and probably most innovative way to make cheap international calls happens when a local number is allocated to the number you are calling.


Some service providers, including Cheaper Calls, change your international contacts to local numbers so those long distance out of country calls are much cheaper and used within your inclusive minutes. You’ll usually be charged a small fee per minute for the use of this but it starts from less than 1p/ 1c a minute and can work out loads cheaper than standard international rates. Services like this one mean you can make calls any time and where for much less. If you’re away for business or think you’re going to be making a lot of calls some providers offer unlimited packages which mean you won’t be charged the admin fee per call just one price per day/ week. Making international calls on local rates isn’t a pipeline dream it’s now a reality.

Better still you can make free international calls with some calling apps. Although you will need a data connection but free Wi-Fi or even a 2G connection is suitable. Both you and the person you are calling need to have the app downloaded. The whole process if quick, easy and all importantly free.

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