Developing A Cooperative Effort Between Professionals And Academics

I became fascinated to read the latest special issue (September 2017) about accounting education that focuses on the pedagogical changes that are required to develop a cooperative effort between professionals and academics to improve the learning and successful outcome of the student. We came to an agreement with this point of view and thus establish a new weekend-based, part-time Master of Accounting program at the Cambridge Judge Business school, the changes that were embedded by the University of Cambridge. This new program has begun receiving applications for the first group of students in Autumn 2018, is focused on creating world leaders in the financial landscape.

The students we focus on, are already vast in computer science, accounting, and finance or any other discipline and intend to improve or advance in the latest accounting procedures, ready to adopt ambiguity, complexity, and risk. Our case-dependent syllabus centers around data science, critical performance management, predictive evaluation and sophisticated topics in tax and financial accounting like financial accounting for startups. The subject of our teaching focuses on genuine data and it is developed in line with world-class professional advisors associated with bodies like the Wales and England Institute of Chartered Accountants, Connor Group, Envonet, British Petroleum, the International Accounting Standards Board, accounting organizations, pre-IPO agencies, private equity groups, and investment banks. Our syllabus also covers tasks where students can predict and come up with implementation plans for the accounting landscape as well as modifications that are relevant to issues like blockchain technology and the risk that can affect the worldwide climatic change.

We have a strong belief that students should have more learning opportunities that extend across the usual exam-based environment which will equip them in tackling complicated problems encountered by business entities with colleagues from different parts of the world and leading advisers who are at the peak in their initiative around the world. Significant faculty cost exists for the development of this new syllabus but we also have a strong feeling just like few of the CPA journal writers that worldwide standard leaders are required to be trained in the profession and we have been equipped with the capacity, responsibility and the resources to provide support for this learning.

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Madeira Beach Recreation Director Fired

Following a well-fought election, Madeira Beach is trying to right so many wrongs. In doing so, there have been several staff changes in the city. The latest staff to get fired is the city’s recreation director.

Doug Andrews came into office at the start of 2014. His position saw him manage the city’s recreation facilities. Despite the fact the city’s manager praised him, he received his letter of termination from Acting City’s Manager Derryl O’Neal.

When asked by reporters for the reasons behind the sack, O’Neal said that he had lost faith in Andrew’s ability to provide the much-needed organization support the department requires.

In a matter of days, Andrews filed a human resources complaint against O’Neal. In the complaint, Andrew accused the Acting City Manager of intimidation as well as creating a hostile working space.

Following the filing of the complaint, the city’s human resource manager Karen Pearson told O’Neal that because of Andrew’s position, he has no legal right to appeal his firing internally. “The only thing he can do is to file a lawsuit,” said Person.

Andrews insists he only wants his job back. He says he was fired without any prior warning, severance payment or health insurance.

In Andrew’s defense, new city staffs fired all received severance packages.


Arizona Restaurants Get Favorable Court Rule In Minimum Wage Case

Restaurant workers who earn tips are not in line to earn the federal minimum wage rate when they regularly do work that has no direct impact on customer service.

Arizona labor Attorney David Selden was able to convince the 9th U.S Circuit Court Of Appeals that monitoring time spent serving a customer and that preparing for a customer’s visit is detrimental to employers and defeats the purpose of why customers tip.

“Take, for example, a customer comes to your restaurant and sees everywhere is untidy, with no silverware on the table. Do you think at the end of the day he will give out the highest tip? No,” Selden said.

Arizona pays servers $7 in addition to tips.

The court ruled that employers have to make up the balance in employees’ tips along with minimum wage for those who don’t meet up with the usual $7.25 per hour.


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Suspended For Misconduct

A lawyer has received a suspension for professional misconduct. A Charleston attorney received a suspension from the S.C Supreme Court. John Kern was suspended from practicing law for 18 months. This comes after he was caught aiding and abetting a financier.

Along with his suspension, John Kern is mandated to pay the costs of the disciplinary proceedings as well as attend a mandatory ethics program.

Kern was charged for his involvement in an illicit financial scheme with one Craig Berkman. Kern helped Berkman to create companies. Berkman used the investment from these companies to pay his debts rather than carry out the business he promised investors.

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Kern lawyer and ordered him to pay a counterproductive $100,000 as well as fees upwards of $230,577. Kern was suspended for 18 months, and from offering his services to investment companies.

According to the South Carolina Supreme Court, Kern was found guilty of professional misconduct, and “by offering false information to Berkman’s bankruptcy attorney as well as investors,” he proved his position untenable. According to the court order, Kern lied to the bankrupt attorney and investors that the investment funds were being used for business purposes and this was despite the fact that he was obligated by law to tell the truth and exercise due diligence.

The Supreme Court also found that Kern failed to pay the funds ordered by the Security and Exchange Commission, neither was he making any effort to make any payments.

The commissioner presiding over Kern’s case recommended that Kern be given a three years suspension with the SECOND. However, S.C said that such a penalty would be counterproductive given the fact that it shares the same jurisdiction as SECOND.

Kern has been in the news for misconduct over the years, and he seems to have had a history in South Carolina. He had previously used for 3 months for immingling personal and trust account funds. In addition, he also failed to work with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

There have been other cases were Kern was placed on intern suspension for various issues.

For many, Kern’s suspension is no surprise. For someone who is always working on the thin line of the law, he was going to get caught sooner rather than later.

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