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Relocating to Brisbane Brisbane, Australia has been attracting plenty of attention here in the UK, and for all the right reasons. Young families and single Brits view Brisbane as an attractive Aussie city for many reasons. Traditionally, Brisbane has been left in the shadows compared to their bigger cousins Sydney and Melbourne, which have long been the preferred tourist hotspots when choosing which Aussie city Brits visit or relocate too. The main drawcard for UK families to call Brisbane home is undoubtedly the weather. Without mincing words though, Brisbane can be relentlessly hot all year round. With an average temperature of 40 degrees in summer, the change in climate compared to the UK is a stark contrast so make sure you’re ready to replace dark skies with relentless heat. Once you’re acclimatized though, the state of Queensland is considered to have the most stunning coastline in the world, stretching more the 5,000 kms.

Even though the Australian dollar has been catching up to the British pound in recent years, housing affordability is another attractive component that’s enticing UK families over to Brisbane. Brisbane offers a diverse housing market ranging from inner city town houses and apartments that are immersed within a cosmopolitan and lively city atmosphere. You’ll also have the choice of Brisbane’s metropolitan urban sprawl where you’ll find loads of new housing estates offering new large family homes for attractive prices.

Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland. Queensland regional centers are at the forefront of many mining towns which continue to fuel the booming Australian economy thanks to her natural resources. If you start talking to the right people, you can land plumb careers in the mining industry with massive pay packets. The transport industry in Brisbane, which is closely affiliated and connected with the mining industry is the perfect stepping stone in securing a huge six-figure pay packet within transport or mining. For more information on careers in transport and mining in Brisbane please visit these resources: – Freight and Removalists. Mining Jobs QLD.

Brisbane currently has the second lowest rate of unemployment in Australia, hence the reason for attracting so many who are in search of both opportunity and lifestyle. Information pertaining to mining and transport employment positions can be obtained via the career expos website. Brisbane has shaken off its reputation as a big country town and is now an international city in its own right. The influx of migrants, development in real estate, and a huge tourism industry, Brisbane is an attractive proposition with a diverse sense of culture and is close to amazing attractions including world famous theme parks and stunning beach get aways.

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