8 Common Video Marketing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Video marketing is a good means of promoting your products to a wide audience. However, too many business owners don’t understand how to use video marketing properly and end up making crucial mistakes that might ruin their efforts. In this article, we’re going to explore eight common video marketing mistakes business owners make and how to avoid them.

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1) Making a Video without a Goal in Mind

If you are making a video without a clear goal, your money is better spent elsewhere. In all cases, it is important that the video builds your brand and fits into your business strategy.  In some cases, working with a third party is better if you’re unfamiliar with the whole process. Companies such as Spiel will guide you through the video making process and can provide ideas on how to better structure your message.

2) Poor Branding

If a video is poorly branded, it essentially misses its actual purpose which is promoting your company. The intended audience must remember the name of your company at the end of a marketing video. To avoid this mistake, brand all videos with your company’s logo or web address and ensure it is placed right at the beginning or embedded into the video as a watermark.

3) Making Lengthy Videos

Consumers use the first 10 seconds of a video to determine if it is worth watching to the end. If they do not find it engaging enough, they just click away from it. And according to recent research, 1 in 5 people do just that. People will also click away if a video is too long. So, make your videos engaging and not more than 60-90 seconds long.

4) Not Having a Clear Message

A marketing video should give more than general information about a company or product. It must have a single and clear message that teaches the audience something new. If it does not, you will be lucky if they watch it to the end.

5) Not Having a Call to Action

Every video must leave the audience with an idea of what to do next. It could be to call the customer care team for further information or maybe follow the company on social media. Whatever you do, never leave them in the lurch and always have a clear call to action.

6) Not Using SEO

Posting a video online is no longer enough. You must also use SEO to ensure that the video reaches a wider audience. Applying SEO strategies drives up your search engine rankings and makes your video more visible. Only by doing so can you draw traffic to your website.

7) Expecting Immediate Results

Videos do not go viral overnight. And if they do, it is largely thanks to social media. So be patient and work on marketing the video. The results will come later.

8) Not Placing Your Selling Points Correctly

Do not wait to put your selling points at the end of your video. Your audience may have moved on to something else before they get to that point. Instead, have all the interesting bits placed at the beginning. The rest of the video should then play a supporting role.


To make the most out of video marketing, it’s capital to have a clear goal in mind that can be expressed in a clear singular message. Also, brand your videos well, optimise them for SEO, and keep them short. Ensure you place your selling points at the beginning and a call to action at the end. And finally, do not expect immediate results.

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