5 Essential Steps To Opening a Printing Company

Do you want to put your art degree to work but also want to take a back seat on the creative side of things? Starting your own printing press may be the solution to your career woes. However, like any small business, there are some things you need to think about before getting started.

Chose Your Product

Deciding just what you want to produce is your first step. There is a range of items you can offer, from cards to shirts to even mugs. Some companies prefer to specialize in only a few products, but others try their hand at all of them. If you want to guarantee success, listen to the demands of your local market.

Evaluate Your Market

If you live in a small town you might be the only press for miles—but that doesn’t mean a lot of people will need your services. Take stock of other local businesses, schools and government facilities that may potentially outsource their printing and fabrication to you. If there are none, you may need to reconsider some things.

Extend Your Reach

Having a social media profile is effective advertising with minimal cost and effort. Whether you’re just servicing your hometown or are offering to ship nationwide, cultivating an online presence builds trust in your customer base and makes your services accessible to clients who otherwise might have passed you by.

Assess Your Costs of Operation

While it’s fun to plan big, you should always start small. Build a budget and a tentative plan for future expansion for when you hit your milestones.

When creating a budget you will have to figure out how much you will need every month of operation, not just what you need to get started. The reoccurring purchase of things like inks, software licenses and anilox roll cleaner should be considered and planned for.

Be Open to Network

Are there other printers in your area? They don’t have to be competition. If they are highly specialized in making shirts and you’re highly specialized in printing booklets, be a good neighbor and refer clients to them that would benefit from their services.

Even if you are in direct competition with someone, always remain polite and cordial. If they have beef with you, be the bigger man and always offer a smile. People will notice, and they will appreciate the humility.

Having a small business is a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding. The best way to get your feet under you is to build connections and be someone others know they can rely on.

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