4 Ways to Remodel Your Home on a Tight Budget

Your home is your haven, so remodel accordingly. Tight budgets are welcome, as the following advice assists with remodeling your home for half the price as an entire for-hire renovation. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish without breaking the bank or busting your wallet.

Shop Chain Stores & Secondhand Shops for Deals

Chain stores and secondhand shops boast hidden gems in the form of awesome deals. It’s called retail interior design. You can shop everyday retail and find things you never thought you needed, but have to have. For example, you might find a new ottoman for your living room for half the price of an interior design store. Or, you may find that lamp that would make the perfect accessory in your bedroom. You never know.

Paint with Bright Colors for a Spacious Look

Colors make a ginormous difference in how much space you seem to have in your home. You could have a gigantic room, but paint it black and it will look half the size. But use soothing colors, like light blue or mellow green, and it opens up a room, giving you the illusion of more space. Avoid stark white though, because that is such a boring and blinding color.

Search for DIY Décor

Perform a web search for some DIY décor ideas. There are lots of arts, crafts, and home improvement stores in your community, so put them to use. You can make a big difference in your home with some simple DIY designs, such as a gemstone-accented vase of faux flowers, or a homemade seashell lamp.

Repurpose and Reuse Your Old Furnishings

Sometimes people throw out their old furnishings too soon. They see a lumpy couch cushion or a notch in the portable pantry, and they assume that they need a replacement. Here’s an idea: Replace or re-stuff a couch cushion. Use plaster to fill in notches and scratches, then paint over them with a shade that matches the original. Instead of tossing perfectly good furniture, spend the small amount of money to repair and re-purpose your furnishings.

Remodeling your home should be a fun experience with positives galore. When you feel the need for a little renovation, consider following some of the aforementioned advice. You might be surprised by what you can find or make when you put your mind to it.

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