4 Ways To Go Far In The Financial Industry

Young people who are looking to make a career in the financial industry might feel intimidated when they look at the accomplishments of those who have done very well for themselves, such as Fortress Investment Group Co-Chairman Pete Briger. While it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, greatness in the financial industry is achievable by just about anyone, provided that they are willing to put the work in. For those young people who would like to make a name for themselves in this competitive field, here are four ways to go far in the financial industry.

Get a Competitive Education

This advice probably seems obvious, but it’s absolutely essential. When you’re first applying for internships and jobs, your educational background will be closely examined. Even if you aren’t enrolled in an Ivy League school, you can still be a competitive candidate if you maintain a high GPA. When it comes to success in the financial industry, having a competitive GPA and academic record is very important.

Intern As Much As Possible

In today’s competitive market, it isn’t enough to just make good grades. Most employers in the financial industry are looking for job candidates that have experience on top of a good academic record. Hence, it’s a good idea to do as many internships as you can while pursuing your undergraduate degree. It is the only way to not only gain real world experience, but to make yourself a worthy candidate.

Make Connections and Network

In the business and financial world, who you know really does matter. Attend as many industry events as possible and be sure to network. Foster those connections as much as possible; if someone gives you their business card, be sure to send them a follow-up e-mail during the week telling them how lovely it was to meet them. The more connections you make early on, the more resources you’ll have when you’re out in the job market.

Work Hard

This one also might sound obvious, but unfortunately, many current young job candidates forget about it. The only people who rise in the financial industry are the ones who are willing to really put in the work and give it an honest effort. No matter what you credentials, you will not advance in your career if you don’t cultivate a reputation as a hard worker. Whether you’re in your first internship or in your first paying job, it’s essential that you work hard and demonstrate your value in your position.

The financial industry can be tough, competitive and stressful. With that being said, it can also be one of the most rewarding and profitable jobs in the world. If you are willing to dedicate yourself, you can most certainly make a career and move through the ranks. It will be hard work every step of the way, but this is what weeds out the bad candidates from the good ones. Everyone can someday be at the top of the field as long as they are committed and dedicated.

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