3 Ways To Find Off-Market Properties for Sale

Have you ever heard someone talk about buying a property “off-market?” An off-market home isn’t listed on the Multiple Listing Service (the MLS). The only way to learn it’s for sale is through being in the know. It’s a desirable way to buy because there’s a lot less competition, it allows both buyer and seller to be more diligent about the sale, and you can be flexible when negotiating. So, how do you hear about these types of properties? Here are three ways you can beat the market and snag your dream home.

Word of Mouth

There’s no better way to buy off market property than through the grapevine. Putting feelers out into a neighborhood can yield successful results. Talking with parents at a science fair or a quick chat while on a dog walk places you top of mind should they or someone they know be looking to sell.


Flyers are easy to make and cheap to print. They allow you to place your contact details into the hands of prospective sellers. Define the type of property you’re looking for and then drive around your preferred neighborhood, posting a flyer into any home that fits the bill. Be clear about what you want and include details like your required number of bedrooms, house features, and whether it has a backyard. Even if they’re not selling, they may know someone who is.

Social Media

Most towns and cities have social media groups. They’re an excellent way to reach out to people who live in your desired neighborhood. They can help you identify areas that bring you closer to schools or transport links and also regions you may want to avoid. They also give you instant access to thousands of people who can spread your message and help you find a home before it even goes on the market.

In a competitive housing market, it’s time to be proactive if you want to stay ahead of the field. Stop hunting for your home and let your home find you.

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