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Tips for Buying Second Hand Business Equipment

Starting or running a small business is costly, so saving money on everything from storage to equipment is crucial. Freeing up the finances by avoiding needless spending is the difference in success or failure. Whether you’re looking to buy a second-hand filing cabinet for the office or second-hand tools to improve efficiency in the warehouse, the below tips will help you save money where it matters most.

Tatty Furniture Could Help You Save a Fortune

An old wooden bookcase or desk might look a bit out of place if it’s second-hand, but it’s not about what it looks like now, it’s about what it looks like once you’ve given it new life. It’s easy to overlook old furniture for the office or in a customer-facing environment, as it could make your business look unprofessional. However, if you’re willing to give items a sanding down and a lick of paint, they’ll look like new again. As long as your second-hand furniture looks fresh, it’ll look attractive and professional.

Take Advantage of Local Classifieds Websites

There’s a good website over at that will connect you with hundreds of locals on Craig’s List looking to sell second-hand furniture and/or equipment for your business. There are also many businesses in your area looking to get rid of older goods they no longer need. Taking advantage of such sites will help you bring equipment expenses down considerably. You can buy anything from furniture and tools to office supplies for just a few bucks if you’re willing to spend the time looking.

Don’t Spend Much Time Revitalizing Old Equipment

As stated above, old furniture and tools will likely need a good clean up before they look attractive again. The key here is to only buy equipment if it doesn’t need too much work. It’s very easy to buy second-hand furniture and then spend hours doing it up. You should always keep on top of running your business first before you spend hours on cleaning used goods. Spending less on equipment is all well and good, but not if you’re letting your usual business standards drop because of it.

Approach Buying Used Equipment Differently

If you’re looking for a large corner desk to fill your office space, it might be pointless looking for a single desk. It might be easier to find two or three cheap desks that can be joined together instead. Always think outside of the box when looking for second-hand equipment and you’ll find yourself many more bargains. It takes a bit more effort to achieve, but it’s worth it in the end when you get that corner desk you’ve been craving for.

Buying second-hand equipment isn’t easy to benefit from, as you could always end up with something that breaks. However, if you’re willing to spend the time testing second-hand goods and the time bringing it back to life, you could end up saving your small business thousands every year – which could prove to be the difference in your business succeeding or failing.

Why Finding the Right Premises for Your Business is Important

If you are starting a new business, there are many factors that will determine whether it will be a success or not. One of these factors is the location, it needs to be in the right place for the type of business you are considering, or it won’t attract the customers. It isn’t always about the location; it can also be about the building itself and the space you are renting. Here are some of the things you should be looking for when selecting your location.

The Location

Although the location itself might not matter when it comes to your business, it will certainly have an overall impact. For example, if you are running a restaurant in the middle of an industrial area, you might not attract the customers you want. Think about the type of person you want to visit your business and then think about where you might find them. That will give you a good indication of where you need to be.

How Much Space You Have

When your customers come to see you, they need a certain amount of space to move around and browse or a place to sit and wait. You need to have a location that has enough space for your customers to feel comfortable without wasting too much area. For example, if you are running a clothes shop, you need enough space for your customers to see everything without feeling claustrophobic.

Your Workforce

When considering your base, you also need to think about any employees you will be recruiting. Many salaries such as those on salaries hub are based on experience, but you might also need to cover the cost of travel if you are somewhere too remote. You might also find it difficult to recruit the people you want if your base is too difficult to get to easily.


Most businesses when they first start will want somewhere that isn’t too expensive. However, you need to ensure that the location is safe, not only for your customers but also for your workers. It is important to take a good look around and prospective units to see if there are any dangers that could affect your business.


Of course, any business that wants to attract customers needs to have places where they can park. It is especially true for units that are out of town as there might not be any transport to your location. Even if the units you are looking at have everything you need, it is important to consider how your employees and your customers will be able to park. Both might be hard to attract to somewhere that has no parking available, even if its paid.

Finding your ideal location for your business isn’t simple, but with some ideas about who you want to attract and some key requirements that you need, you should be able to find the right place for you. Then, you can have the best chance possible of making it a success.

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