How to Fill in a Bill of Sale PDF Form

The bill of sale form is used for transferring the ownership of a property. There are many types of bill of the sale forms such as vehicle, general, boat, and firearm. In the form, you must provide information like vehicle description, price and buyer/seller name. Both buyer and seller must sign the form according to the state regulations. You can use various software to fill in a bill of sale PDF form.

You can use Libre Office Draw to fill in a bill of sale form. Libre Office Draw is one of the programs included in the Libre Office Suite which can be downloaded for free at the Libre Office site. After launching Libre Office Draw, you must go to File > Open and select the PDF form. When the form is opened, you must click on the T button on the toolbar and place the cursor inside the field. The properties pane will appear on the right. In Properties, you can change the text formatting such as font type, bold/italic/underline, and paragraph indentation. After filling in the form, you can go to File > Save to save it. The problem with Libre Office Draw is that it cannot display some form layouts properly.

If you are on Windows 10, you can use Microsoft Edge to fill and sign the bill of the sale PDF form. First, you must right-click on the PDF and select Open with > Microsoft Edge. If Microsoft Edge is the default PDF viewer, you simply double-click on the PDF to open it. You can click on the plus icon to zoom in on the PDF form. Now, you can fill in the form by placing the mouse cursor in the field and typing in the information. If you want to sign the form, you can use the pencil feature in the toolbar. You can select the font color and size of the pencil. You can click on the eraser button and swipe away any mistake mark on the signature you just draw. When you are done, you can click on Save as to save to PDF.

Alternatively, you can get commercial software like Movavi PDF Editor for Mac to fill in the bill of sale form. You must open the PDF in View mode. Once it is open, you can see the form in a large preview area on the right. There is no need to click on any additional button to type in the form. All you need to do is to click your cursor on the fillable text field and start typing to enter the required information. The text you type will be highlighted in light blue color. Get more details at

You will have to import the signature image and paste it into the signature field. You must go to File > Open and select the digital signature image to load it into the software. Next, you must go to Edit Objects mode and select the digital signature. To copy the signature, you are to press the Copy button on the right. After that, you can return to the PDF form page and right click on the field. In the right-click menu, you are to select Paste to paste the signature. Before you quit the software, make sure you save the form by going to File > Save.

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