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How to Successfully Launch a New Product

The launch of a product is a crucial moment in its development process. Whether the product is received well by the target consumers depends highly on how well you execute the launch of that product. In many cases, a successful launch elevates the product – and the business behind it – to a new level of success.

To successfully launch a new product, there are several things you need to prepare. We are going to review those preparations and discuss how you can boost your chances of success in this article.

Get the Product Ready

Before you even begin to plan for the product launch, make sure the product development process is completed properly. The Small Business Support Network posted a new product development process 8 steps guide that will help you turn a product idea into a tangible product that customers can buy.

A mature product isn’t needed, but it is important that you get the product to its launch state before releasing it to the market. After the launch, evaluation and product improvements can be made accordingly.

Start Early

You can’t generate the expected amount of exposure by relying on the launch date alone. Starting early is a must if you want to boost your chances of successfully launching the new product. A great way to start early is by building relationships with the media and key influencers while the product is still in its development stage.

Once the product is ready, the media and influencers are the ones that need to receive it first. Not only will you be able to generate a lot of exposure, you can also get valuable insights that help you refine the product before the actual launch date.

Have a Solid Launch Event

A launch event is an essential part of the process. You don’t have to stage a big event and spend a lot of money on it for the launch to be successful. A simple ceremony at the store or the office is enough.

What you want to invest in is something unique; an added factor that makes the event memorable or unusual. A funny video to go along with the new product and a social media campaign that attracts a lot of participants are some of the things you can do.

The launch event needs to be accompanied by a well-written press release. The announcement must reach the right media outlets for news about the new product to catch the attention of your target consumers.

Stay Business-Driven

When you are trying to be lean and efficient, sticking with things that drive business is important. The same principle applies to the launch of your new product too. Stick with activities that generate business – or relevant, valuable exposure – and your product will generate more sales than you anticipated.

All you have to do next is make sure the promises around your new product are kept. Deliver orders on time and maintain a high level of quality to keep customers happy. The happy customers you get from the successful launch will attract more potential customers and keep the ball rolling.

3 Common Misconceptions about Scholarships

Scholarships may be confusing to many, while for others they may seem like a pipe dream. There are many myths and misconceptions floating around about scholarships, and many people end up not applying for one because of them. However, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not considering one. Here are some of the most common myths about scholarships.

Only Academic Geniuses and Star Athletes can get Scholarships

This is probably one of the most widespread and persistent myths about scholarships. While, yes, academic requirements and athletic abilities may help you get a scholarship, it goes far deeper than that.

Requirements for scholarships are as varied as scholarship themselves and some have absolutely nothing to do with athletics or academics. For instance, the Blue Sky scholarship is open to anyone who’s interested in the online marketing field. They might look at someone’s creativity, drive, and passion as their main judging criteria. If you want to learn more about the Blue Sky scholarship, visit

Some scholarships just delve into the bizarre and have completely off the wall requirements. For instance, the Duck Tape company will award a scholarship to anyone with the guts to go to prom with an outfit made out of Duck Tape. The candidates will then go before a panel of judges who will decide to whom the scholarship will be awarded.

So, if you have less than stellar test scores or aren’t particularly athletic, don’t hesitate to look at options; you may be able to find a scholarship that works for you.

You must be an Outstanding Essay Writer to be Accepted

Again, that is not necessarily true. While essay writing skills may help, the main goal should be to express your thoughts and opinions in a clear way. You should be focusing on conveying your skills, goals, and qualifications rather than being an outstanding writer.

The most important thing you should be focusing on is having the proper structure, staying on subject, and making sure that none of your essay has been plagiarized. Other than that, you should be worrying about expressing your personality and creativity instead of trying to impress the judges with your writing skills.

The Competition for Scholarships is too Fierce

While competition for major scholarships at Ivy League schools can be very competitive, it doesn’t mean that all scholarships are the same. The more scholarship program you apply for, the more chances you have of getting accepted.

Not only that, but you also have to factor in all the applications that get rejected due to negligence. Smaller, less popular scholarships often reject tons of applications because the candidate didn’t fit the profile or made errors in their application that made them ineligible. This can greatly increase your chances of getting accepted, granted you followed the requirements to the letter.


These are only some of the misconceptions circulating about scholarships. If you were thinking of applying for one, don’t let these myths stop you. There are tons of scholarships out there available for all types of students, so don’t pass out on this opportunity.




3 Facts about Asphalt Paving

Most driveways and roads are either paved with concrete or asphalt. Even though both are cost-effective, asphalt has started to gain steam over concrete for a variety of reasons. Asphalt is great for paving residential driveways as well as commercial driveways for churches, banks and hospitals, among others. The quality of the asphalt that is used matters, so if you are leaning toward using this material for the first time or to re-pave a surface, it is a good idea to consult with professionals at asphalt paving pennsylvania for an evaluation.

Here are three facts about asphalt paving to consider.


Driveways that are paved with asphalt are known to have long life spans, and a reason why governments at all levels chose to pave their roads with this material. Asphalt is also known to be susceptible to extreme heat and cold, like other surfaces. In order to maintain its health, a couple of times a week, consider sweeping debris off. This prevents the debris from falling into the tiny crevices and causing them to expand.


Asphalt is said to be more environmentally-friendly than concrete. It also helps reduce noise pollution. Since asphalt can be manufactured from recycled materials, it leaves a smaller footprint behind. Its average lifespan of 20 years means that it does not need to replaced too often. Once a particular stretch of asphalt has been deemed ready for replacement, it can be reused. As long as experienced professionals replace the area with quality materials, it can be expected to last at least another 20 years. The infrequent need for replacement adds a monetary incentive because it saves costs.


The durability of asphalt driveways means that they do not have to be replaced often. The less often they have to be replaced, the less often you will incur this expense. Even if an asphalt driveway or road starts to wear out before its time, the cost to manufacture the material is still considerably lower than other paving materials. It also takes less time to complete an asphalt project, so you can look forward to reduced labor costs, too.

Paving a driveway, road or other large area with asphalt has shown to have benefits. The material is durable, environmentally-friendly and cost effective. The longer asphalt can be kept free of debris, the more likely it is to reach its maximum lifespan.

Success Strategies 101: Business Tips And Techniques That Promote Profitability

Generally, one of the corporate leader’s central professional concerns is figuring out which steps need to be taken for the purpose of making the company more profitable. If this is your current concern, know that there are multiple success strategies you can deploy to realize the desired outcome. Here are three of them:

1. Take Your Marketing Efforts Online.

One strategy you should deploy for the purpose of optimizing your company’s profitability is taking your marketing efforts online. This technique works because it will enable you to start interfacing with individuals who have not been exposed to your brand through your offline advertising work. One key digital marketing technique that many entrepreneurs and corporate leaders have found effective is content marketing. This technique is all about creating original, engaging, entertaining videos, blog posts, and web articles that will draw attention to your brand and get people curious about the products and services you have to offer.

Note that content marketing is not the only online advertising technique you can deploy to ensure that your organization starts to thrive in the internet realm. Another technique you can utilize is web design and development. This technique ensures that your clients will be able to visit and shop in your online store without complications. You can do internet research to figure out which digital developers are known for providing the most customized, effective web design services on the block.

2. Don’t Micromanage Your Employees.

In addition to utilizing digital advertising techniques like content marketing, make sure that you’re not micromanaging your employees. Instead, focus on figuring out what their skills are and then providing them with all of the resources, tools, and encouragement necessary to complete their assignments with excellence while also learning new things so they can take on more responsibilities. Once you stop micromanaging and rather focus in on empowering your employees, you’ll note that they become more productive, confident, and happy. All of these outcomes will contribute to your company’s profitability!

3. Make Equipment Updates A Must.

If you’re serious about business success, get serious about using the latest and greatest equipment on the block. Taking this step will prevent your employees from experiencing the frustrations and hampered productivity that result from malfunctioning machines. In the event that your company makes use of broadband products, you can obtain more information about a retailer that sells this equipment by visiting the following website:


If you’re ready for your business to become more profitable than ever, don’t procrastinate. Instead, start experimenting with the success strategies listed above to ensure that your company remains on the road to enhanced profitability!

Just How Safe Are Swiss Bank Accounts?

While most U.S. citizens choose to keep their money in domestic banks, there are about a million and one reasons that the banking system in Switzerland is appealing. Businesses with major holdings might be interested in a bank account in the Cayman Islands, but the Swiss bank account is somewhat of a safer and more accessible option for everyday U.S. citizens. You don’t have to travel to Switzerland to keep your money there, but it would behoove you to know what you’re getting yourself into. Complete a masters in international relations and you will know why some business owners and even working individuals might want to stash some of their cash offshore. It isn’t about hiding money or even being wary of U.S. based banks. Here’s why Swiss bank accounts are safe and often a great way to save on federal taxes.

Keeping Your Business Private

Did you know that bank employees in the U.S. are required to report all transactions totaling over $10,000 to the I.R.S.? You could be pulling out money to wire to a relative who is having financial trouble in a different state or just moving money to a different bank for personal reasons. Either way, what should be a quick and easy transaction may require you to sit in the waiting area while bank employees fill out extra forms. Unfortunately, criminals will go through great lengths to launder money and so bank officials have an obligation to report anything that appears unusual to the government. If you maintain a bank account in Switzerland you will have a much higher degree of privacy.

Swiss Bank Accounts Have Limits

If you believe you can benefit from maintaining a bank account based in Switzerland you need to be holding onto a lot of cash. In short, around $100,000 is minimally needed to even open a bank account in Switzerland if you’re not a citizen. This means that you will need to be prepared to part with and keep a substantial amount of money overseas in a Swiss bank account, with no plans to spend it anytime soon. Otherwise, going through the trouble of opening an account would be a waste of time in the end.

You Won’t Be Tempted to Spend

Since Swiss bank accounts have minimum balance requirements, you can’t use it like you would a domestic bank account. So, you can forget about transferring or wiring funds between bank accounts on a regular balance in most cases. If you are comparing international relations graduate programs, then seeing how finances work in Switzerland work with foreign clients is a great place to start. You can use your experiences to see how banking works in Europe as a whole in comparison to the U.S. when you are a foreign national.

Once you have a bank account in Switzerland opened you can just do the minimum that is necessary to keep it active. Make deposits as necessary and always stay in communication with the bank. If anything, you’ll have a legitimate reason to travel to Switzerland at least once a year to check on your financial affairs.

Four Reasons to Start a Healthcare Business

If your dream is to start a business of your own, then the first step towards achieving this is to choose a profitable sector in which to start your brand. If your ultimate goal is to start a company that is in high demand from its target market and is presented with many opportunities for growth and progression, then there are several reasons to consider becoming an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. We’ve listed some of the main reasons why healthcare startups are more likely to thrive.

#1. High Demand:

Wherever you go, there’s always going to be a high demand for good healthcare. Whether you set up a dental practice, family planning clinic, alternative therapy clinic or even practice massage or acupuncture, anything that makes people feel better in their own skin and helps them to manage or get rid of their pain is always a winner. Check out your local area to see what is missing in the way of healthcare, and offer it to the residents.

#2. Online and Offline Opportunities:

When it comes to setting up shop in the healthcare industry, there are both online and offline opportunities available. If you’d prefer to do business face-to-face with your clients and companies, then a clinic, shop or healthcare center are all popular ideas. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to run an online-only business, there are many opportunities to choose from in the healthcare sector, from selling health products that customers can purchase online to offering handy advice on a healthcare blog or website.

#3. Networking Opportunities:

Since the healthcare industry is so broad, there is a multitude of networking opportunities to choose from. You can find conferences and events to attend in the healthcare sector, allowing you to meet with professionals and business owners who operate in a wide range of specialties. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with others online, such as blogs, forums, and social media groups dedicated to healthcare entrepreneurs. And, you might even want to consider studying for your healthcare MBA online to meet like-minded professionals and increase your specific business knowledge and skill.

#4. Advancing Technology:

Whether you’re in need of technology to study for your healthcare MBA, or require the latest kit to get your business off the ground, there’s no shortage of advanced technology available for the healthcare industry today. With companies and individuals always coming up with new and innovative ideas to help people best look after their health, the options are endless when it comes to starting your own business. Check out the various health tech items available and determine which you could offer your clients and customers to give your new healthcare company a competitive edge. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could even start your business on the basis of a new healthcare technology product that you’ve come up with yourself.

Today, healthcare businesses are booming and the demand for good care is never going to go away. If you’re excited to get your healthcare company started, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

3 Degrees That Will Help You Master the Financial Aspect of Business

There are many sides to running a business, from the root of the planning process to the individual branches of operation, and each component has to be taken into careful consideration by a company manager or entrepreneur. Of course, some areas of business are considered “mission-critical” and are therefore primary concerns for managerial staff and company ownership. It goes without saying that a company’s financial status is its most important indicator of success. Fully understanding the essentials and knowing how to react to financial challenges is an imperative skill for any entrepreneurially minded individual to have. With that said, here are three degree options that can help you become a true master of business-related finance:

1. Master of Science in Finance

Of course, the best way to gain a supreme understanding of company finances is to earn an online master of science in finance degree. Choosing this educational path will equip you with the knowledge needed to accurately assess your company’s financial status and value, while also helping you identify the best steps to take in response to certain conditions or metrics. In addition to helping you guide your own company in the right direction, this kind of degree is also an excellent credential to have on your resume when searching for a high-level corporate job. Studying online finance is a particularly important step for anyone aspiring to become a well-rounded entrepreneur in today’s competitive world of business.

2. Master of Accounting

Although obtaining a degree in finance is enough to give you a solid foundation in accounting, being a certified accountant gives you more knowledge and expertise in the area of record keeping, analysis, and making financial predictions. Plus, with a degree in accounting you won’t need to pay a CPA expensive wages to do your auditing and other tedious work. Although that may place more burden on you personally, it also equips you with an additional corporate skill set that practically guarantees a good salary at the least.

3. Master of Economics

Once you reach higher levels of business, studying the economy and making economical moves will be a topic of concern in the boardroom. Obtaining a master’s degree in economics prepares you to make CEO-level decisions confidently based on an academic understanding of the economy and business relations. Furthermore, corporate hiring managers love to see this credential on your resume, so it’s a worthwhile addition to any educational to-do list if your long-term goal is to become a prominent company leader or entrepreneur.

Branching Out and Expanding in Different Niches

In closing, there’s no rule that says you can only have one of the above degrees. If you really want to take your financial skill set to the next level, then it may be wise to pursue all of the above as time permits. Diversifying your skills is the best way to invest in your career in the long run, particularly if you have goals of thriving in an already competitive sector.

How Interim Management Can Help Your Business

Interim Management is one of the fastest growing sectors of employment, but it’s still poorly understood overall, with many business owners not seeing how it can help them. This problem is especially pronounced for small businesses and start-ups, who find it hard to justify the extra investment necessary to bring Interim skills into their business without a clear understanding of how that investment will pay off.

There are two main reasons to bring Interim talent into your business: firstly if your business is in trouble, and needs turning around and secondly if you’re trying to achieve a specific, clearly defined goal and need additional skills to get it done.

I’m going to leave the ‘business in trouble’ reason to one side for now and focus on the ‘specific goal’ aspect to Interim Management, as this is key to the early days of many small businesses, and it’s where they can see the most value from a relationship with an Interim Recruiter.

All small businesses face challenges in their early weeks and months: it’s part of the nature of running a small business that you have to be both a specialist and a generalist. You have to specialise in the unique USP of the product or service that you’re selling, and also keep every other aspect of the business running, from coordinating employees sick time, and holiday to making sure you have enough office supplies.

One of the most important things about Interim Management is that they introduce skills and systems into your business and those stay behind, enriching your employees and improving your business long after the interim contract has come to an end.

If you’re just starting out and beginning to grow your team, for example, getting an Interim HR Manager to work with you could make your life a great deal easier over the initial years of your business: they can help with your hiring process, ensuring you take in your first tranche of employees on a firm footing, bringing their experience of interviews and employment contracts to the table – something you may well lack if this is your first business, and establishing systems to regulate sickness, holiday and overtime that are tried and tested rather than improvised by a business owner with seventeen other priorities.

This is only one example of how Interim talent can contribute to a young and growing business. It’s worth thinking today about how Interim can help you.

Choosing the Right Conveyancer

On average we sell and buy a property a few times in our lives. It is also true that some people will never buy or sell a property, while some will do it on several occasions more often than others. The bottom line is that there is a lot of property trading going on all the time and for this reason it makes sense to compare conveyancing quotes online before finding the conveyancer that is right for you and also affordable at the same time.

I know that some people choose DIY conveyancing. By this I mean that they choose to do everything themselves. There is a flaw in that type of thinking though. Buying and selling a property is a complicated process, probably even more complicated than any other matter that normally lawyers deal with. Unless you are a conveyancer yourself, you will find it rather difficult to close a deal yourself because the amount of knowledge required for this can be rather tremendous. Only those who close such deals are guaranteed to do everything the right way.

If you are not sure which conveyancer to hire for your needs, you might want to try to look around first. I am sure that you already know by now that the list of conveyancers in your area is probably very long. The trick here is to find somebody who has a lot of experience and will do everything the right way, but at the same time won’t charge you more than other conveyancers in yoiur area. As a matter of fact, you might want to find somebody who will charge you less than the lawyers in your area. Comparing the quotes online is one of the ways to ensure that you don’t get ripped off, but that you pay the right price for the right quality of service. My advice is to compare the offers of at least five conveyancers in your area to ensure that what you will be getting are some competitive rates. Only because you want to hire somebody experienced doesn’t mean that you have to spend too much on it.

Vital Professional Services When You’re Running a Small Business

When you’re running a small business, you need to be both an expert and a generalist. You need to be the expert in your product or service. You’re the face of your company, and you’re the best person to sell it to your customers and clients, especially in early days when you don’t have any dedicated Sales staff.

You also need to do all the administrative plate spinning for your business: looking after rent, employees’ wages, developing your staff to ensure you’re getting the most from them and any other matters arising. In military terms you’re dealing with both strategy and tactics: the broad overview (“we need to capture that castle”) and the moment to moment specifics (“how are we going to capture that castle?”).

This can be a heavy burden, one of the biggest factors that makes running a small business stressful. You can lighten this burden by making sure you use all the support available to you. There are plenty of professionals and businesses that can take some of that rote work off your hands, leaving you clear to focus on the aspects of your business you really care about. Lawyers

Whether you go to a high street lawyer in person or find a reliable internet based lawyer to work with while saving some time and money, the services of a lawyer are vital, especially in the early days of your business.

They can ensure you’re compliant with the law when you set up and register your business and review contract terms before you sign agreements to rent premises, hire staff and buy in products to make sure you’re getting the best deal and avoid unpleasant surprises down the line.

While it doesn’t make sense for a small business to keep a lawyer on a permanent retainer, not using one at all is a false economy that could prove very damaging to you in the long run.

Temping and Interim

There are some aspects of running a business that require specialist knowledge and experience to optimise, and one way to get the best results is to temporarily hire people with this experience to set up systems that can then run independently of them.

For example, as your pool of employees begins to expand, hiring an Interim HR specialist to set systems to track holiday and sickness and begin a review programme to make sure your employees are performing well and developing their skills.

These systems can then be used by people who are less experienced but they can still get great results for your business.

I am discussing all kinds of business and finance topics on this blog and I hope that the information I provide will prove to be useful.